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Engaging the audience is key for a successful online presence, but it's also increasingly difficult, in an age where promotional content can be easily skipped.

Immersive web solutions, featuring 360° images or videos, have proved times and again to provide the necessary wow factor for a webpage to attract and retain the users' attention. Treasure hunts, social media tagging for large events, virtual and augmented reality product showcases are just some examples of how online marketing and advertising can benefit from panoramic content, which is nowadays easily obtainable thanks both to specialized stock photo agencies as 360cities.net, or a multitude of professional panoramic photographers.

360° images and videos have been already featured in award-winning campaigns for top brands in the media, automotive, sports, and show businesses.

Visit our Selected Works section for some notable examples. Add a new dimension to the effectiveness of your communication. Contact us to discuss your ideas and have us implement them.

About Us

We are a compact team based in Prague, with years of valuable experience in software development.

Despite working within a small environment we have been routinely interfacing the corporate world, and that allows us to understand the processes and the needs of our clients, and deliver quality within deadlines.

We also believe that we don't just create code, but commit to a fulfilling experience for the client, in terms of communication and technical support.

No email will be left behind.

The Team

Selected Works

Here is a selection of our past projects, implemented under the supervision of 360cities.net.

We chose one example for each of the main applications of immersive web design: treasure hunt, product showcase, and event tagging, all featuring extensive performance reporting via Google Analytics and other platforms.

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A picture is worth one thousand words, even more if it's a 360° panorama.

Here we present three working demos of our work. Dive into these magical worlds, and enjoy the immersion.

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